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December 15, 2012 : Complimentary Angles December 7, 2012 : Will you sign my yearbook November 7, 2012 : La Te X3 (Guest Comic) October 21, 2012 : The Official Language October 14, 2012 : Rubik's Cube September 30, 2012 : Calculators September 28, 2012 : Mathematical Consulting September 26, 2012 : Public Perception September 19, 2012 : "Real" Job Interview - Part 2 September 18, 2012 : "Real" Job Interview September 12, 2012 : Power Sets September 6, 2012 : Alien Contact September 4, 2012 : Chain Letter August 31, 2012 : The Dating Show August 30, 2012 : A mathematician's dream August 29, 2012 : Number Theory Exam August 28, 2012 : Summer Goals July 27, 2012 : Graph Puzzle July 23, 2012 : Don't worry, you'll learn it later July 5, 2012 : Godel's First Incompleteness Theorem June 28, 2012 : Happy Tau Day June 25, 2012 : Owners Manual - Mathematician May 27, 2012 : Why did the chicken cross the road?

May 17, 2012 : Classroom Anatomy May 1, 2012 : Summer Break April 30, 2012 : Textbook April 29, 2012 : The Fundamental Theorem of Matrix Theory April 28, 2012 : Tired of adding C?

"I'll bring you some poems to read and critique when we meet," he said. "I teach four courses, so I stopped reading my friends' and relatives' writing ages ago.

I barely have time to read my students' work these days." When I arrived at the restaurant, Rick sat at a table piled high with poetry — 200 pages of the stuff. Did I "accidentally" drench them in water or ketchup? I merely (and calmly, I like to think) reminded him what I'd said on the phone.

Many years ago, when my daughter was about 10 years old, I dated a calligrapher. He and I were wrong together for reasons I'd been able to ignore until then. Nancy Davidoff Kelton writes about dating after 50 for AARP.

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During this November’s Blizz Con event, members of the production team confirmed that fans would hear more about the game’s diverse cast sooner than later.The comics are presented here in reverse chronological order. Not only are the BBC bringing back the iconic '90s gameshow, they're bringing back the nation's beloved Mel and Sue, too. Having grown up in a family that would not go on vacation until we had polished off the milk in the fridge, I thought little of it at first: Might he simply have the same Waste-Not-Want-Not mentality? Those who never learned how to laugh quickly revealed that flaw — and were dubbed The Kiss of Dating Death. I once dated a man who was still taking Percocet for a root canal he'd had five months before. April 10, 2012 : MFT - Lake Escape April 9, 2012 : Lower case xi?


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