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Finally, you work with dashboard prompts to filter your dashboard and populate variables.Back to Topic List The dashboard you build in this tutorial charts sales for the last 12 months by channel, country region, and product category and provides trend analysis data as well as narrative highlights of categories that have declined in sales in the last month.. Make sure you have 2 GB RAM and 15 GB hard disk space. If you do not have VMWare software, download a copy of VMWare Player from For all others, before starting this tutorial, you should: Back to Topic List An odbc data source is needed to import schema information about a data source into an Oracle BI Server repository.It provides RDF data management, querying and inferencing that are commonly used in a variety of applications ranging from semantic data integration to social network analysis and linked open data applications.Its features include: Oracle Spatial and Graph is an option for Oracle Enterprise Edition, and must be licensed separately.The graph features in Oracle Spatial and Graph include Oracle Network Data Model (NDM) graphs used in traditional network applications in major transportation, telcos, utilities and energy organizations and RDF semantic graphs used in social networks and social interactions and in linking disparate data sets to address requirements from the research, health sciences, finance, media and intelligence communities.The geospatial feature of Oracle Spatial and Graph provides a SQL schema and functions that facilitate the storage, retrieval, update, and query of collections of spatial features in an Oracle database.It is not included in Oracle Standard Edition or Oracle Standard Edition One.However, the latter two editions allow the use of a subset of spatial features (called Oracle Locator) at no extra cost.

In the pay_claim() procedure, we have determined that the procedure updates only objects owned by the user CLAIM_SCHEMA, who owns both the procedure and the object.

You create queries and work with views including charts, pivot tables, and narratives.

You then create selectors to drive interactivity in your Business Intelligence requests, and build a custom Dashboard to contain the requests and views you've created.

Java SE releases are updated for the public with bug fixes, security fixes, and minor updates for a period of at least 3 years before the release reaches end-of-public-updates (Eo PU).

Oracle Java SE product releases - starting with Java SE 7 - are supported for no less than eleven (11) years from initial release date, enabling IT managers and ISVs to plan their upgrades according to their individual business practices.


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